The offer is directed at persons with self-employed, professional or commercial activity. It is not intended for private use.

The trial period ends automatically after 14 days. No cancellation or cancellation is required. If the software has convinced you, we are happy if you order a commercial license via our contact form to continue using the software.

Since the software is a pure web software, you only need a PC or a tablet with internet access and a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

No. The software runs without installation, directly in your browser.

Implisense develops the software itself and provides automatic updates and enhancements in the background. So you always work with the latest version.

Google Inc. operates a search engine for any content that is primarily targeted at private users and financed by advertising. Implisense offers search and recommendation software designed for commercial users, which helps professional users to find target customers in Germany and is financed by license fees.

We understand our software as an aid in the more precise selection and description of target customers. In company databases you have to decide for yourself which of the filter criteria best describes your potential customers. Depending on the product or offer, this is too imprecise. With Implisense, the software helps you to select and parameterize many criteria through intelligent recommendation. Your dispersion losses will be significantly reduced and you can use your saved time for a more individual customer approach.

The service is designed to bring providers together with the right target customers. Please note, however, in the context of acquiring new customers, whether there are any contradictions regarding the use of the data for advertising purposes.

Our technological basis corresponds to a search engine for public web data. This means that public data on German companies such as websites, job advertisements and press releases are collected by our own web crawlers and stored for indexing and analysis. Since the raw data is unstructured HTML/text data, they are transformed into a partially structured form with self-trained models from the field of machine learning and NLP techniques, in order to be able to filter and search these data more easily. One advantage of this approach is that our customers can work with millions of public, but in some cases scattered individual data on companies without the need for extensive manual research and data updates.

All companies entered in the German commercial register are part of the Implisense database. Your requested company may not be registered in the German commercial register or have been declared inactive.

Together with partners, we develop interfaces to relevant CRM systems. Please let us know for which CRM system you need the data: sales@implisense.com

We look forward to receiving information on errors, as we can then carry out a targeted error check. Please use the feedback options provided in the application to ensure that your message reaches us directly.

We are always looking forward to suggestions for improvements, because most of the existing features are based on them. Please write to us at hello@implisense.com.