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Your benefits

With the help of our lookup you can permanently qualify your incoming inquiries free of charge. It doesn’t matter whether you are requesting a company name or an email address; our algorithms match the best company we can find for your request. By automatically redirecting to the Companies and Markets platform profile pages created by Implisense, you will see basic information about the companies contacting you. There you can see the master data of the company as well as further analyses of the offer, locations or recent events at the company. This enables you to gain a first impression at a glance of who you are potentially dealing with!

How it works

This service works without any prerequisites. You don’t need access data and don’t have to register anywhere! All you need to do is enter the following URL in your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge):


Replace <query> with your inquiery. This can be a company name or an e-mail address (of a German company) you wish to qualify. If we cannot dissolve your request, you will be redirected to our research platform Companies and Markets. In general, we do not dissolve private e-mail addresses (e.g. from gmail.com or web.de). Just try one of our examples:

For a better integration into HTML pages the following URL can be used alternatively:

implisen.se also works as a permalink, because it can also be used with the Implisense-ID of a company. This gives you an unchangeable short link that is ideal for sharing with others. Like this one, for example:

Integration as Browser Search

Integration in Chrome

You can integrate the Implisense lookup as a search in Chrome. Then you can enter an Implisense lookup at the top of the address bar instead of a URL or Google search.

This is how you set up your lookup in Chrome:

  1. Open the settings window for Chrome.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the point “Search engine”; click on “Manage search engines”.
  3. Click on the “Add” button (for “Other search engines”).
  4. A window with three input fields will open. Make the following entries (without quotation marks):
    1. Enter a name in the field “Search engine”, e.g. Implisense.
    2. Type an abbreviation under “Search abbreviation”, under which you want to activate the lookup in the address bar, e.g. i.
    3. Under “URL with %s instead of search query” enter the URL of the lookup: https://implisen.se/%s.
  5. Click on “Save” and close the settings.

Try it now! Go to the address bar with the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+L” and type in your request, e.g. i Implisense. Press “Return” to start the search and display the desired company profile.

Integration in Firefox

In Firefox the integration works somewhat differently. Here only a search existing in a web page can be integrated. Therefore we offer this search in the top. For the integration proceed as follows:

  1. Click the right mouse button in the top search.
  2. A menu opens, select the item “Add a keyword for this search…”.
  3. A window with three input fields opens as in the case of chrome.
    1. Enter a name into the “name” field, e.g. Implisense.
    2. Do not change the field “folder.
    3. Under “Keyword” enter the search abbreviation, e.g. i.
  4. Click the Save button.

Now you can try the search right away, just like with chrome!


Get Implisense API

The Lookup is just one of many applications that can be implemented with the help of our API. You can also enrich your own CRM, MAS or ERP systems with our data. No matter if you want to qualify incoming leads, generate new leads or just stay up to date with your existing contacts – just contact us!

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