Lookup & Permalink

With the help of our lookup you can permanently qualify your incoming inquiries free of charge. It doesn’t matter whether you are requesting a company name or an email address; our algorithms match the best company we can find for your request. By automatically redirecting to the Companies and Markets platform profile pages created by Implisense, you will see basic information about the companies contacting you. There you can see the master data of the company as well as further analyses of the offer, locations or recent events at the company. This enables you to gain a first impression at a glance of who you are potentially dealing with!

This service works without any prerequisites. You don't need an account and don't have to register anywhere!


All you need to do is enter the following URL in your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge):<query>

Replace <query> with your query. This can be a company name or an email address you want to qualify. If we are unable to resolve your request, you will be redirected to our Companies and Markets research platform. In general, we do not resolve private e-mail addresses (e.g. from or Try it out with our examples:


At the same time acts as a permalink, because it can also be called with the Implisense-ID of a company. This gives you an unchangeable short link that is ideal for sharing with others. Like this one, for example: