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Berufsakademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen Saarland gemeinnützige GmbH (BAGSS)


Products and services

Berufsakademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen Saarland gemeinnützige GmbH (BAGSS) is repeatedly mentioned in context with the following products and services on their website and social media channels, as well as in register filings, press releases and job postings. In our analysis the products and services Physiotherapie, Forschung and Öffentlichkeitsarbeit were identified most frequently.


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Personality types

The 4 Color Scheme separates people and their personalities into four groups. Berufsakademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen Saarland gemeinnützige GmbH (BAGSS) emphasizes the following character types in their external communications and job advertisements.

Roter Persönlichkeitstyp: 7 %Gelber Persönlichkeitstyp: 51 %Grüner Persönlichkeitstyp: 9 %Blauer Persönlichkeitstyp: 32 %
Dominance: 8 %
Innovation: 51 %
Harmony: 9 %
Dilligence: 32 %

Offers for job seekers

The following benefits were repeatedly recognized in job postings of Berufsakademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen Saarland gemeinnützige GmbH (BAGSS). This data is supplied without liability and intended for orientation purposes only.

HR developmentPersonalentwicklung
Staff developmentGesundheitsmanagement
Work-Life-BalanceFlexible Arbeitszeiten
Vereinbarkeit Familie und Beruf

Technology Profile

The following software solutions, technologies and concepts are often referenced in job postings and press releases of Berufsakademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen Saarland gemeinnützige GmbH (BAGSS). Most frequently recognized were EU-DSGVO, API and E-Commerce.

Application Programming InterfacesAPI
Corporate ITE-Commerce
Data ProtectionEU-DSGVO
Programming LanguagesJava
Java Script

Integration via API

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  1. curl \
  2. --silent \
  3. --request GET \
  4. --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  5. --url "" | jq '.'
  1. require 'json'
  2. require 'net/http'
  3. uri = URI('')
  4. response = Net::HTTP.get(uri)
  5. puts JSON.parse(response)
  1. const https = require('https');
  2. https.get('', (response) => {
  3. let data = '';
  4. response.on('data', (chunk) => {
  5. data += chunk;
  6. });
  7. response.on('end', () => {
  8. console.log(JSON.parse(data));
  9. });
  10. });
  1. import urllib.request
  2. import json
  3. from pprint import pprint
  4. response = urllib.request.urlopen('').read()
  5. pprint(json.loads(response))
  1. package main
  2. import( "net/http"
  3. "io/ioutil"
  4. "bytes"
  5. "encoding/json"
  6. "fmt"
  7. func main() {
  8. response, _ := http.Get("")
  9. defer response.Body.Close()
  10. payload, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(response.Body)
  11. var out bytes.Buffer
  12. json.Indent(&out, payload, "", " ")
  13. fmt.Println(string(out.Bytes()))