Lead enrichment, qualification and segmentation – Implisense Qualify

Do you have several hundred or thousand email addresses in your newsletter system or CRM? Do you want a fast and systematic clarification and enrichment for a qualification of the recipients? Do you want to segment your addresses in terms of size, industry, region and other characteristics? Then test our Lead Qualification Service with the highest level of automation and low costs.

How Implisense Qualify works

  1. You upload your file in xls, xlsx or csv format.
  2. We edit your file and enrich it.
  3. We will tell you how many lines of your file could be mapped and to how many different companies. You only pay for the number of different companies. We will also send you the first ten lines of your file with our enrichments free of charge.
  4. At the same time you will receive an offer according to our price list for the purchase of the complete enriched file.
  5. If you accept the offer, we will send you the file and invoice.
  • Company name
  • Street, Postcode, City
  • Company email address and website
  • Flag for economic activity
  • Up to three industries (WZ 2008 / NACE classification)
  • Company size category by revenue and number of employees (MICRO, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE)
  • Implisense topic analysis
  • registration date
  • B2B/B2C
  • E-Commerce/Shops recognizable
  • Topics: Discounts, Quality, Flexibility, Innovation …

Other segmentation criteria on request, e.g. website technologies

Our Prices

Costs are transparent

Fast processing through automation

  • You only pay for the number of different companies that we assign to your data.
  • Company 1 - 5,000: 0.30 € per company
  • Company 5,001-10,000: 0.28 € per company
  • Company 10,001-25,000: 0.26 € per company
  • Company 25,001-50,000: 0,24 € per company
  • Company 50,001-100,000: 0.22 € per company
  • From company 100,001: 0.20 € per company
  • Minimum order value: 59 €

Here you can upload your e-mail addresses in the format xls, xlsx or csv, tsv for a non-binding and free check for enrichment.*:

* With the upload you confirm an order data processing according to BDSG. Only company-related data will be transferred to the e-mail addresses you uploaded. If you have any questions, please contact hello@implisense.com.