Lead enrichment, qualification and segmentation – Implisense Qualify

Use cases and benefits

Do you have several hundred or thousand e-mail addresses in your newsletter system or CRM? You want a fast and systematic cleansing and enrichment for a qualification of the recipients? Would you like to segment the addressees consistently according to size, sector, region and other characteristics? Then test Implisense Qualify, our Lead Qualification Service with maximum automation and low costs.

Overview of your benefits

  • Enrichment of your data with up-to-date company data
  • High matching rate thanks to sophisticated algorithms
  • This is possible:
    • Clean up your data
    • Qualification and prioritization of your contacts
    • Segmentation of your contacts for processing by different employees
  • Four possible configurations for the amount of data supplied
  • In Microsoft Excel format to integrate flexibly into your end systems
  • Free storage of your Qualify files for twelve months in the MyImplisense account

Product specification

Simply contact us and send us your data in Excel or CSV format. Other forms of data transmission can be arranged separately. We will then process your data automatically and make you an offer according to the prices below. Please also let us know which of the configurations below would you prefer your data to be enriched with.

Implisense Qualify step by step

  1. Please contact us to have sample lists enriched in xls, xlsx or csv format.
  2. We will tell you how many lines could be assigned to your file and to how many different companies. You only pay for the number of different companies. In addition, we will send you the first ten lines of your file with our enrichments free of charge.
  3. At the same time you will receive an offer according to our price list for the purchase of the complete enriched file.
  4. If you accept the offer, we will send you your encrypted file by e-mail as well as the invoice.
  5. Optionally, you can create a free account at MyImplisense, in which we store your file for you.


We offer Implisense Qualify in four different configurations, depending on the amount of data supplied:

  • ADRESS: Name, address, status of economic activity (price per dataset: 0.10 €)
  • CONTACT: Additional telephone, fax, e-mail, website (price per dataset: 0,20 €)
  • STANDARD: Additional business purpose, up to three industries, size (price per dataset: 0.30 €)
  • PRO: Additional social media links (Facebook, Twitter), legal (HR information, legal form, founding date, share capital), up to three managing directors (price per dataset: 0.50 €)

The individual data points are delivered if they are available in our database.

In addition to the price for the data according to the above model, a one-time handling fee of 49 € will be charged for each order.

Special highlight: You only pay for the number of different companies that we assign to your data; there are no extra costs for duplicates in your own data.

All above prices are net.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data do I have to provide so that you can easily match?

Our algorithms work in such a way that, generally, they create a good match from the combination of the data you provide. Of course, absolute identifiers, such as local court and commercial register number, are particularly helpful, but our system can also identify the correct candidate from name, postal code, e-mail address, URL or Facebook profile.

Which companies do you have in your database?

Our database contains all companies listed in the German Commercial Register. At the moment there are about 2.4 million economically active companies.

Will my data be dealt with confidentially?

We will be happy to arrange an encrypted data transfer with you. By default, we will send you the result as an encrypted ZIP file by e-mail. We store your data exclusively for accounting purposes and do not share them with third parties. You can optionally store your data in our free MyImplisense account for later download.

Your Contact
Dr. André Bergholz
Product & Support

+49 30 91744791 andre.bergholz@implisense.com