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With the Implisense Pro software, you can research potential new customers for your digital B2B sales within seconds on the basis of one of the most comprehensive company databases in the German corporate landscape. This way you will find suitable new customer potentials and points of contact more quickly, e.g. via LinkedIn and Xing. You can use it in your web browser without installation. Start within the next 5 minutes with a free test account.

The tool for digital sales

Identify new customer potential

Are you looking for specific companies and can find too few candidates with classic databases? With Implisense Pro you benefit from the power of a Big Data based similarity search. Within 5 minutes you can have the Implisense algorithm analyze which companies fit best to you with some examples of target customers. Use digital tools to identify smarter potential new customers and download them as addresses.

Prepare conversations

What do potential customers have in common with your existing customers? What events took place recently with your potential customers? Classic tools work with little and partly outdated data. Implisense Pro is based on one of the largest Big Data Indices in Germany and provides you with important information on potential customers in a clear and up-to-date manner. In this way, you have data-driven insights that will impress you in future discussions. For digital sales with real communication between people.

Analyze market regions

Are you active in sales management and would like to give your colleagues lists for potential customers in the respective postcode areas? Are you tired of manual searches and matching? Let Implisense Pro do the work for you. Find out at the push of a button how many previously unknown companies exist in your market areas. Or in which market areas relocations or foundations take place. An automatic comparison with existing customer lists gives you more efficient net potential for your sales control 2.0.

Digital sales with Implisense Pro

The Implisense Pro software is a software-as-a-service solution for digital corporate sales. The software is based on an Implisense created and permanently maintained company database with more than 2.4 million current company addresses. The multiple award-winning software is developed by Implisense GmbH in Germany and hosted at T-Systems under German data protection regulations. With Implisense Pro you can implement the following applications in digital corporate customer sales:

  • Researching companies: Search for companies by name, address, industry, size, location or keywords on the company websites.
  • Understand companies better: Get detailed company profiles, including managers (management and authorized signatories).
  • Update company data: Download company addresses for your CRM system.
  • Receive company recommendations: Get recommendations for potential customers with smart algorithms at the touch of a button.
  • Monitor companies: Thanks to the news timeline, you can keep up to date with your business partners without having to do any research.
  • Targeting contacts: Use the integrated LinkedIn and Xing searches to find and contact suitable contacts.

Implisense Pro step by step

  1. Start with a free 14-day trial account.
  2. Test the software in your web browser. Support is available through the chat.
  3. The test access ends automatically after 14 days. There are no obligations.
  4. An offer for an annual license is available on request.



For Freelancers, Startups, and SMEs

For 990,- €* per year

  • 990 €* per year
  • No downloads included
  • Access for one user
  • Online tutorial
  • Support by EMail/Chat
  • 14 days free trial
Additional Packages

Data packages and additional users

Only valid together with licence for Implisense Pro

  • Data package: Excel downloads
  • 1000 datasets only 740 €*
  • Additional users
  • 240 €* per user and year
  • In combination with Implisense Pro
  • Free consultation

For large-scale enterprises

On demand

  • Conditions on demand
  • 5,000 or more downloads included
  • Access for ten or more users
  • Multiple introductory seminars
  • Individual contact person
  • 14 days free trial

*Prices excluding VAT

Success Story

Software as a Service Implisense - Customer Success Story Sablono - Cover

Berlin-based startup Sablono has developed a highly innovative software solution for project management on construction sites. For market entry the young company started from scratch and acquired new customers in a systematic manner – using Implisense Pro.

Read the free success story (only available in German) to find out how the start-up proceeds to generate new leads with Implisense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies are included in your database?

Our database contains all companies listed in the German Commercial Register. At the moment there are about 2.4 million economically active companies.

Can I filter companies by location, industry and size?

Yes, we offer these traditional filter options in our application. In addition, however, you can use the full text search, additional filter options and our recommendation function to receive new leads in a much more targeted way.

What possibilities does the full text search offer?

The full text search searches “factual” data, such as company names or locations. In addition, the company websites known to us are scanned. Thus you can also search for product names, certifications or similar. The full text search also supports extended search operations; you can find documentation on this here (available in German only).

How does Implisense Pro differ from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Implisense Pro was developed by the German start-up Implisense in order to identify suitable companies as future business partners more quickly. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator was developed by the American LinkedIn Inc. to identify contacts within the LinkedIn database. Customer experience has shown that a complete overview of all companies in Germany is only available in Implisense Pro. LinkedIn, on the other hand, focuses on people at mostly internationally active companies. In order to find concrete persons at target companies in Germany, a search at LinkedIn was integrated into the software Implisense Pro. So you can be sure to select all companies in Germany and always look for the right contact persons in social networks.

Does the test access have any restrictions compared to a regular account?

Yes, you can download only a few, reduced company data records in the test access. In addition, you can organize fewer companies in your own lists. There are no other restrictions.

Does my annual subscription renew automatically?

No, we do not renew your accounts automatically. Approximately one month before your subscription expires, we will contact you with an offer for renewal.

Implisense Pro Trial

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