Optimize your corporate sales on a large scale?

Implisense Enterprise

Large enterprises with thousands of people in corporate customer sales have unique software support requirements. We have developed solutions that adapt to the specific needs of large enterprises and scale reliably. Individual concepts, segment-specific analyses, branding in corporate design, connection to legacy systems and en premise hosting on request. Implisense Enterprise perfectly suits for the daily management of millions of corporate customer relationships.

Implisense Enterprise offers the following features


Implisense Enterprise can be connected to core systems such as ERPs, CRMs or data warehouses via a powerful API. IT security concepts tailored to corporate guidelines facilitate roll-out. The analysis of sales potential is carried out with a view to company-specific procedures. If desired, hosting can be carried out in our own data center. Proof-of-concepts support you in the decision-making process. In this way, Implisense Enterprise can be quickly customized to your needs.


Implisense Enterprise was developed for scalability in the large customer environment. Success stories from the large enterprise environment show a scaling for several thousand users and millions of analysable corporate customer relationships. Flexible tools are available for the efficient administration of users. A differentiated logging system supports the continuous monitoring of the data flow.
Evaluation of usage. Smart tools make it possible for internal analysts to make adjustments for the analysis of sales potential. Thus, Implisense Enterprise scales in the key account environment.

Learning ability

Implisense Enterprise is basically developed as a self-learning solution using machine learning methods. In productive operation, these methods of active learning enable the statistical profiling of ideal customers for all products and services with sufficient historical training data. Furthermore, the system can be trained to evaluate new messages to your customers on their signal value for sales processes. This can be achieved at division, team or even person level in order to exploit maximum synergy effects from human-machine interaction. In this way, you generate sustainable competitive advantages through learning systems.

Use Cases for Implisense Enterprise

Use Case


Your Benefit


Get reports for all companies with sales relevant background information, composed in real time.

Save research time!


New prospects can be enriched with industry classifications, revenue estimations and employee sizes to support more efficient internal processings.

Save input time!


Receive automatic signals for existing customers or partners when important changes have occurred. This may include management change, relocation, new constructions, or changes in the network of your business partners.

React in time!


Companies can be continuously enriched with new segmentation criteria for technologies, business models, branch references or geographical features in order to develop more targeted addressing within the framework of campaigns.

Segment more precisely!


Customers or non-customers can be identified by powerful search and filter methods on the database of Implisense. For example, you can use it to search for companies that are recently looking for people with SAP Hana know-how and have a turnover of >10 million euros.

Save research time!


Let intelligent analytics help you discover other companies for your products and services. Implisense has developed an award-winning recommendation that automatically develops your search profile from existing customers. Afterwards you can discover companies inside and outside your CRM and use them for acquisition.

Acquire smarter!


Use the external view of your customers to discover suitable cross-selling candidates from your customer base. A detailed explanation is calculated for each proposal, which you can also use to generate customer-specific product recommendations using Natural Language Processing procedures.

Sell more targeted!

Sparen sie Recherchezeit

durch den Abruf von Reports zu einer Firma, in denen die gewählte Firma mit externen Hintergrundinformationen in Echtzeit profiliert wird.

Sparen Sie Eingabezeit

Neue Interessenten können direkt beim Anlegen oder in einem Formular mit Daten zur Branche oder Mitarbeiterzahl angereichert werden, um eine effizientere interne Bearbeitung zu unterstützen.

Reagieren Sie rechtzeitig

Erhalten Sie zu allen Bestandskunden oder Partnern automatisch Signale, wenn sich wichtige Veränderungen für Ihre Geschäftsbeziehung ergeben haben. Dazu können Managementwechsel, Standortverlagerungen, neue Produkte oder Veränderungen im Netzwerk der Geschäftspartner zählen.

Adressieren Sie gezielter

Firmen lassen sich kontinuierlich mit neuen Segmentierungs­kriterien zu Technologien, Geschäftsmodellen, Branchenbezügen oder geographischen Merkmalen anreichern, um damit gezieltere Adressierungen im Rahmen von Kampagnen zu entwickeln.

Sparen Sie Recherchezeit

Kunden oder Nichtkunden können über leistungsstarke Such- und Filtermethoden auf der Datenbasis von Implisense identifiziert werden. Damit können Sie beispielsweise Firmen recherchieren, die kürzlich Personen mit Know-how im Bereich SAP Hana suchen und einen Umsatz >10 Mio Euro aufweisen.

Akquirieren Sie smarter

Lassen Sie sich durch intelligente Analytik dabei unterstützen, weitere Firmen für Ihre jeweiligen Produkte und Services zu entdecken. Implisense hat eine preisgekrönte Recommendation entwickelt, die Ihr Suchprofil aus bestehenden Kunden automatisch entwickelt. Anschließend können Sie Firmen innerhalb wie außerhalb Ihres CRMs entdecken und zur Akquise nutzen.

Relevanter verkaufen

Nutzen Sie die externe Sichtweise auf Ihre Kunden, um passenden Cross-Selling-Kandidaten aus Ihrer Kundenbasis zu entdecken. Zu jedem Vorschlag wird eine Begründung berechnet, die Sie auch dafür nutzen können, um kundenspezifische Produktempfehlungen mit Natural Language Processing Verfahren zu generieren.

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