Sales Success through Big Data

This is how Implisense works

Implisense provides you with top-qualified leads for your B2B sales within seconds. We have already received several awards for our seminal software. But how does Implisense actually work? Complex algorithms developed in Germany take over collecting and evaluating impressive amounts of data. And this is how we proceed:


1. Crawling

This is how Implisense collects company data.

An intelligent web crawler – such as the one Google uses to drive its search engine – traverses the Internet around the clock for freely accessible information about several million German companies. It examines countless websites, press releases, job advertisements and the like, assesses them in terms of their meaningfulness, and saves their contents. In order for our algorithm to know what it is looking for, it is based on knowledge about which information is frequently retrieved by the Implisense users. So our web crawler will learn from you. Would you like to know more about the technical background? Read more about Distributed Systems, Web Crawling, and Information Retrieval. As one of the core technologies we use Elasticsearch.

2. Textmining

This is how Implisense processes the information.

In a self-developed data analysis pipeline, the texts evaluated as relevant by the Implisense web crawler are subsequently decomposed into single pages, paragraphs, and individual words. Using these text fragments, the algorithm recognizes references to one or more companies. Using complex probability calculation and more than 500 text mining models, it derives specific characteristics of these companies. Our algorithm objectively measures these properties in the form of numerous numerical values in order to evaluate the agreement with your sample customers later.

Curious? The basis for our algorithms are techniques in the area of Model-Based Text Mining as well as Statistical Machine Learning.



3. Big Data Index

The Heart of Implisense.

From the huge amounts of unstructured data about millions of German companies, our complex data processing algorithms have extracted specific properties about specific companies. These are summarized in our comprehensive Big Data Index. It forms the basis on which Implisense proposes qualified potential customers – and is thus your silver bullet in the lead generation.

In order for you to always be able to access current data via Implisense, our Big Data Index is updated and expanded around the clock. That’s why we used to call it the “Perpetuum Mobile“; today it is called “The Machine Room” at Implisense.

4. Big Data Analytics

This is how Implisense identifies your potential customers.

If you provide your sample customers with Implisense, we will resort to the knowledge of our Big Data Index. Without you having to enter data on these companies yourself, our index already knows best about them. Within seconds, Implisense calculates a complex statistical model with hundreds of properties – and thus identifies similarities and differences between your sample customers.

In the second step, all the other two million German companies in our index are compared with this profile. We are looking for companies that have the greatest possible resemblance to the customers you already have or are looking for. And that is exactly what Implisense proposes to you.



5. Lead Generation, Cross- & Upselling

With Implisense, you can increase your sales success.

The highly qualified customer recommendations that you receive at the push of the Implisense button are the result of billions of calculations from many millions of individual texts. With our broad data base and our targeted analyzes, we help you to find the right companies for your products and services from millions of German companies. Your lead generation will be faster and more precise, your cross-selling and up-selling will be more intelligent. You can concentrate on the candidates who are most likely to be interested in your offers – without having to do time-consuming manual research. In addition, Implisense keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments in your contacts and potential customers. Hence, you can easily tell when the right time has come for a targeted approach.

Use Big Data for measurably more sales success:

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