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Intelligent Research

Our AI-supported assistants scour both internal and external data sources to always provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information. This allows you to make informed decisions and optimize your marketing and sales strategies in a targeted manner.

Flexible Input Options

Our assistants adapt to your individual work processes and enable you to use them easily and intuitively. Whether manual input or automatic data reconciliation - you always retain control and flexibility.

Seamless Integration

The wizards can be easily integrated into your existing CRM system, so you don't waste time with complex implementations. This ensures a smooth transition and immediate benefits for your daily business processes.

AI-supported identification and integration of new leads

Tap into New Customer Potential

With the Lookalike Assistant, you can expand your customer portfolio by analyzing your existing contacts and using external data sources to identify new potential customers. The suggested contacts are imported directly into your CRM system so that you can start approaching them immediately.

Targeted Customer Acquisition
Optimized Acquisition Strategies
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AI-supported identification and updating of your business contacts

Find relevant Contacts quickly and efficiently

With the Contact Search Assistant, you can efficiently search for specific contacts, not only in your CRM database, but also on external platforms such as team websites and LinkedIn. By using advanced AI algorithms, contacts are regularly checked and updated. This ensures that you are always in touch with the right people and can target your sales and marketing activities.

Greater Efficiency
Targeted Approach
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Capture and analyze relevant news for your company

Always stay informed about the Latest Developments

With the News Assistant, you receive the latest news and updates on your customers, business partners and the entire industry in real time. The AI searches the internet for relevant information and delivers it directly to your CRM system so that you are always informed and can react accordingly.

Information Advantage
Fast Adaptation and Response
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Automated AI-based data maintenance for maximum data quality and up-to-dateness

Optimize your Business Processes with Clean Data

The Data Quality Assistant uses advanced AI technologies together with Implisense data to continuously monitor and improve your CRM database. It identifies and corrects incorrect data records, eliminates duplicates and ensures that all information is complete and correct. This increases the efficiency of your processes and the reliability of your data.

Highest Data Quality
Better Decisions
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Revolutionize your CRM with Implisense

Get the Upgrade for Your CRM

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Integration into Your CRM System

Effortlessly connected with HubSpot, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

Increase the effectiveness of your CRM with Implisense. Our platform integrates seamlessly with leading systems such as HubSpot, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, providing precise insights to optimize your sales and marketing strategies.

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"Implisense data helped us with targeted provider onboarding over 24 months."

"We relied on Implisense's services for 24 months to set up our marketplace. Thanks to Implisense's data and analytics services, we identified and categorized sellers in various product ranges. This enabled us to target potential sellers and attract them to our marketplace."

Julia Kunstmann, OTTO GmbH & Co. KG

"Implisense optimizes sales through precise data and analyses."

"With Implisense, we enable our customers to process leads more efficiently and close deals faster. By providing accurate data and analytics, they can refine their sales strategies and personalize their customer approach, resulting in significantly improved close rates."

Grégoire Murgue, noCRM.io

"Lead lists increase sales efficiency and new customer acquisition."

"Thanks to Implisense, we offer our customers customized lead lists. By using their referral service, we identify precise target leads, which significantly increases our customers' sales efficiency and optimizes their approach to new customers."

Stefan Roth, Apiscore GmbH

Frequently asked questions

What is Customer Relationship Intelligence and how can it help my company?

Customer Relationship Intelligence (CRI) uses advanced AI technologies to improve your customer relationships and optimize business processes. By analyzing customer data and generating relevant insights, you can make informed decisions, conduct targeted marketing campaigns and increase customer loyalty.

How is the data for the AI assistants collected and processed?

Our AI assistants collect data from various internal and external sources, including your CRM system, publicly accessible websites and platforms such as LinkedIn. This data is analyzed and processed to provide you with up-to-date and relevant information and accurate recommendations.

Is the integration of AI assistants into my existing CRM system a complex task?

No, the integration of our AI assistants into your existing CRM system is seamless and straightforward. Our solutions are designed to integrate quickly and efficiently without the need for extensive customization or disruption to your business processes.

How secure is my data when using Customer Relationship Intelligence?

Data security is our top priority. We use state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption technologies to protect your data. We also strictly adhere to all applicable data protection laws and regulations to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Experience the future of customer management with Implisense.

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