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Our use cases

Client recommendation

(lead generation)

Receive new leads just right for you, increased conversion rate included.

Simply let us recommend qualified new customers to you. The Implisense algorithms analyze your given example or existing customers for open and hidden characteristics and suggest suitable companies. For your marketing campaign or direct sales. New business opportunities within seconds.

Contact rating

(lead scoring)

Automatically enriched company data. Your leads and contacts prioritized.

Do you have several hundred or thousand e-mail addresses in your mailbox, newsletter system or CRM? Receive a fast and systematic cleansing and enrichment for your data from us. Qualify and segment the addressees according to size, industry, region and other characteristics. Prioritize your sales for a higher ROI.

Existing customer intelligence

(account intelligence)

Keeps you informed in every customer meeting without much effort for research.

Implisense offers you much more than just master data: Thanks to our sophisticated machine learning algorithms, you will receive information about products and services, job advertisements, corporate culture, important technologies, the latest changes in management and a great deal more. Preparation as the key to more deals.

Here is what makes Implisense unique


Huge data base,
updated daily

The scope and quality of our data is unique in Germany. It comprises more than two million active companies with several hundred known features. For this to remain, it is updated around the clock.

Use of modern data analysis techniques

The founders of Implisense have many years of experience in machine learning research. Even today, we regularly participate in research projects. In this way, we ensure that we always use the right technologies.



Continuous incorporation of

customer feedback

Implisense is designed to make the corporate customer service as simple as possible. This is why we constantly use your feedback to further optimize our products and services. Additionally, we also realize individual solutions for our customers.

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