New potential customers as a service?

Use case and benefit

You want to convince new corporate customers of your services, but don’t know exactly who you should talk to next? Then we might have the right offer for you: With Implisense Leads you get addresses of suitable companies for business customer marketing with a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). Receive new company addresses of potential customers conveniently once or monthly on a subscription basis! Define your own search criteria or give example companies for which our algorithms predict similar new companies. Your benefit: Higher conversion rates and more targeted market management with lower distribution costs.

Overview of your benefits

  • Exact company addresses of potential customers for B2B business
  • Integration of search criteria and / or intelligent recommendations by algorithm
  • Analysis on official company data with complete coverage of the German company landscape
  • Integrated segmentation for distribution to your colleagues
  • Receiving data in Microsoft Excel format
  • One-time delivery or annual subscription

Our service for you

Please let us know your search criteria conveniently via form or telephone. Alternatively, you can give us some example companies for which our algorithm can suggest similar companies. For example, choose from the following search criteria:

  • Filter by industry
  • Filter by regions, towns, postal codes
  • Filter by company size
  • Keywords (also in combination) used on company websites
  • Filter by topic (e.g. sustainability, family friendliness, innovation)
  • Filter by events (e.g. management changes, financial messages, product announcements)

We will be happy to help you formulate suitable enquiries.

If you give us examples of companies you already work with or would like to work with, please note that a higher number of examples will also result in a better quality of results. The reason for this is that our algorithms identify relevant commonalities between the sample companies that distinguish these companies from the overall data set. A higher number of examples can significantly increase the certainty of the assessment of the relevance of criteria. We recommend giving at least ten examples. From 50 examples onwards, a very high quality of the results is usually achieved. Experience has shown that good results can already be achieved with 20 examples.


  1. Please send us your request via contact form.
  2. We will give you a quick estimate of how many companies we can find in our database according to your criteria.
  3. Together, we will decide whether a one-time order or a subscription is the best option for you.
  4. On request we will submit an official offer to you.
  5. If you accept the offer, we will send you your potential customers encrypted by e-mail and your invoice.


We offer Implisense Leads in four different configurations:

  • ADDRESS: Name, address, status of economic activity (price per dataset): 0,10 €.
  • CONTACT: Additional telephone, fax, e-mail, website (price per dataset): 0,20 €.
  • STANDARD: Additional business object, up to three industries, size and implisense topic analysis (price per dataset): 0.30 €.
  • PRO: Additional social media links (Facebook, Twitter), legal (HR information, legal form, share capital), up to three managing directors (price per dataset): 0.50 €.

Bitte beachten Sie: Die einzelnen Attribute werden nur dann geliefert, sofern sie im Datenbestand vorhanden sind.

Single Order

For a single order there is a handling fee of 49 € as well as the price for the data according to the model above.

Annual subscription

We offer the annual subscription in three different volumes: 50, 100 or 250 leads per month.
For an annual subscription, there is a one-time handling fee of €49 and, depending on the volume selected, costs according to the “twelve months for ten” model. The total prices for an annual subscription can be found in the table below.


For micro-enterprises

50 new leads in your inbox every month

  • Monthly 50 leads suitable for you
  • For one year on subscription
  • Annual price by configuration
  • ADDRESS: 99 €
  • CONTACT: 149 €
  • STANDARD: 199 €
  • PRO: 299 €

For small companies

Every month 100 new leads in your Inbox

  • Monthly 100 leads suitable for you
  • For one year subscription
  • Annual price by configuration
  • ADDRESS: 149 €
  • CONTACT: 249 €
  • STANDARD: 349 €
  • PRO: 549 €

For medium-sized companies

Every month 250 new leads in your Inbox

  • Monthly 250 leads suitable for you
  • For one year subscription
  • Annual price by configuration
  • ADDRESS: 299 €
  • CONTACT: 549 €
  • STANDARD: 799 €
  • PRO: 1299 €

All prices listed above are net.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the success of the recommendations measurable?

In the experience of large companies as well as telesales agencies, Implisense’s leads can double the conversion rate from around 4% to around 8%.

Which companies do you have in your database?

Our database contains all companies listed in the German Commercial Register. There are currently about 2.4 million economically active companies.

Do I get new recommendations every time I place an order?

On request, we will keep the recommendations already delivered for you for 12 months. During this period you will not receive any duplicates, but new potential customers again and again.

Does my annual subscription renew automatically?

No, the subscription is not automatically renewed. We will contact you before the subscription expires, also to adjust your search criteria if necessary.

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