New leads that fit perfectly to your needs – Implisense Leads

Use case and benefit

With Implisense Leads we address the Lead Generation application case for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Are you one of the two thirds of entrepreneurs who manage their customer relationships via e-mail or Microsoft Excel? Then Implisense Leads is the right solution for you! Receive new leads that fit your needs, once or on a monthly subscription basis! With us, you can either define your own search criteria, which go beyond standard filters, or give us sample companies, for which we will send you similar new leads.

Overview of your benefits

  • Custom-fit leads either through extensive search options or through recommendations based on your sample companies
  • Up-to-date company data
  • Four possible configurations for the data scope supplied
  • Possibility of segmentation for meaningful distribution to your sales employees
  • In Microsoft Excel format for flexible integration into your end systems
  • Either one-time or annual subscription
  • Free storage of your leads files for twelve months in your MyImplisense account

Product description

If you contact us, you can either tell us your search criteria or give us examples of companies for which we will then suggest similar companies. You can let us know the following search criteria:

  • Keywords (also in combination) after which we search company websites
  • Filters by industry
  • Filter by regions, towns, postal codes
  • Filter by company size
  • Filter by topic (e.g. sustainability, family friendliness, innovation)
  • Filter by events (e.g. management changes, financial messages, product announcements)

We will be happy to help you formulate suitable enquiries.

If you give us examples of German companies you already work with or would like to work with, please note that a higher number of examples will also improve the quality of the results. This is due to the fact that our algorithms identify relevant commonalities between the sample companies that distinguish them from the overall database. A higher number of examples can significantly increase the certainty of the assessment of the relevance of criteria. We recommend giving at least ten examples. From 50 examples onwards, a very high quality of the results is usually achieved.

Implisense Leads step by step

  1. You contact us with your request.
  2. We will give you an estimate of how many companies we will find in our database according to your criteria.
  3. Together, we will decide whether a one-time order or a subscription is the best option for you.
  4. We will make you an offer.
  5. If you accept the offer, we will send you your leads encrypted by e-mail and your invoice.
  6. Optionally, you can create a free account at MyImplisense in which we store your file for you.


We offer Implisense Leads in four different configurations, depending on the amount of data supplied:

  • ADDRESS: Name, address, status of economic activity (price per dataset): 0,10 €.
  • CONTACT: Additional telephone, fax, e-mail, website (price per dataset): 0,20 €.
  • STANDARD: Additional business object, up to three industries, size and implisense topic analysis (price per dataset: 0.30 €)
  • PRO: Additional social media links (Facebook, Twitter), legal (HR information, legal form, share capital), up to three managing directors (price per dataset: 0.50 €)

The individual data points are delivered if they are available in our database.

Single order

For a single order there is a handling fee of 49 € as well as the price for the data according to the model above.

Annual subscription

We offer the annual subscription in three different volumes: 50, 100 or 250 leads per month.
For an annual subscription, there is a one-time handling fee of €49 and, depending on the volume selected, costs according to the “twelve months for ten” model. The total prices for an annual subscription can be found in the table below.


For micro enterprises

50 new leads in your inbox every month

  • Monthly 50 matching leads for you
  • One year on subscription
  • Annual price according to configuration
  • ADDRESS: 99 €
  • CONTACT: 149 €
  • STANDARD: 199 €
  • PRO: 299 €

For small businesses

100 new leads in your inbox every month

  • 100 matching leads for you
  • One year on subscription
  • Annual price according to configuration
  • ADRESS: 149 €
  • CONTACT: 249 €
  • STANDARD: 349 €
  • PRO: 549 €

For medium-sized companies

250 new leads in your inbox every month

  • Monthly 250 matching leads for you
  • One year on subscription
  • Annual price according to configuration
  • ADRESS: 299 €
  • CONTACT: 549 €
  • STANDARD: 799 €
  • PRO: 1299 €

All prices listed above are net.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the success of Implisense Leads be measured?

In the experience of large companies as well as telesales agencies, Implisense’s leads can double the conversion rate from around 4% to around 8%.

Which companies do you have in your database?

Our database contains all companies listed in the German Commercial Register. There are currently about 2.4 million economically active companies.

Do I get new leads every time I place an order?

We retain information about which leads you have already received for twelve months. During this period you will not receive any duplicates, instead you will always receive new leads.

Is my annual subscription automatically renewed?

No, the subscription is not automatically renewed. We will contact you before the subscription expires, also to adjust your search criteria if necessary.

Please contact us!

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