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Implisense Api

Easily integrate current company data, news about your business partners and smart company recommendations directly into your application. Via our API we offer you access to our daily updated data record as well as to our various research and recommendation algorithms. Integrate our database, which is unique in Germany in its scope and quality, into your system: master data, news and detailed analyses on more than two million companies – conveniently retrievable as JSON.

Use Cases for the Implisense API

Use Case


Your benefit


Data enrichment, qualification and segmentation

Obtain master data and contact data for a company, e.g. when it is created in a form or to enrich your CRM as a background process. Data points are for example economic status, address with geo-data, telephone number, company e-mail, URL, industry data and company size.

Increase data quality, design processes more effectively

/lookup, /companies/{id}/data, /companies/{id}/people, /companies/{id}/topics

B2B lead generation

Finden Sie automatisiert neue Potenzialkunden mit Hilfe mit Suche und umfangreichen Filtermöglichkeiten. Oder nutzen Sie gleich die Empfehlungsfunktion von Implisense, die Ihnen auf Basis Ihrer aktuellen Top- oder Wunschkunden neue Leads vorschlägt.

Develop new potentials

/search, /recommend

News monitoring and alerting

Receive notifications about all your contacts from over 750,000 national and international online sources (press releases and mentions, company websites and blog posts, job ads and Twitter channels). Automatically categorized for meaningful filtering (e.g. after management changes, relocations, new products and technologies, etc.).

React more quickly and act more informed


Integration and marketplaces

Individual integration into CRM and ERP systems

With individual integration by software partners, we make our data available to you in your special end system according to your requirements. Thereby we cooperate also with your software partners. In the past, we have implemented integrations of our API into various end systems for customers, e.g:

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Infor CRM
  • abas ERP

Please contact us with your request!

Automatic integration into the most important CRM systems with the help of Zapier

Automatic integration of our API into numerous end systems (including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Pipedive, click here for a complete overview of supported CRM systems) can be implemented via the Zapier integration platform. Become a pilot user and let us design these integrations together!

Marketplace RapidAPI

We have published parts of our API for an international audience on the API marketplace RapidAPI. Our German Company Lookup and Activity Check API allows you to obtain specific data about German companies by providing indicators such as the official name, email address and URL. In addition, we return a tag indicating whether the company is still doing business or not. All this is free to a limited extent or for a small amount for larger volumes. With simple onboarding and automatic billing. Just give it a try!

Prices of the Implisense API

The monthly price of using the Implisense API consists of various components:

  • Basic fee: from 49 € per month
  • Endpoints that are used (/lookup and /search are included in the basic fee)
  • Contingent:
    • XS (500 or less views per endpoint and month)
    • S (1.000 or less views per endpoint and month)
    • M (2.500 or less views per endpoint and month)
    • L (10.000 or less views per endpoint and month)
    • XL (50.000 or less views per endpoint and month)
    • Enterprise (more than 50,000 views per endpoint and month)
  • Discount on annual subscription: Twelve months at the price of ten

For example, a concrete introductory offer consists of XS use (500 hits or less per endpoint) for master data (/data) and events (/events), which we offer at a discount as a package for 160 € per month or 1,600 € per year (individual prices: 49 € basic fee + 59 € for /data + 89 € for /events = 197 €).

All prices are net.

The offer is subject to change without notice and is addressed to traders, resellers are excluded from it. Please contact us to discuss your specific Implisense API application scenario and receive an individual offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies are included in your database?

Our database contains all companies listed in the German Commercial Register. At the moment there are about 2.4 million economically active companies.

In which format will your data be delivered?

The Implisense API is a REST API that provides data in JSON format. All common programming languages support the creation of client software that can integrate this data.

How does authentication work in your API?

After contacting us, you will receive a token that you can use with the “Basic Authentication” method to gain access to the endpoints. For more information, see our documentation.


You can view the documentation of our API online. If you have a user token, you can even work live with the API. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of the API documentation (version 1.75) as a PDF file.

Free trial

We are happy to provide you with a free trial access to the Implisense API. This allows you to evaluate the functions and data of the Implisense API within 30 days. Since the possibilities are very varied, we will be happy to give you personal advice on how best to design the test. Simply enter your contact details here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Dr. André Bergholz
Product & Support

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