Implisense API

The Implisense API allows you to incorporate German company information and analysis results, which we provide as JSON, tailored to your own application. You do not only get access to our daily updated data to over two million German companies (master data, events, analytics), but also to our various search and recommendation algorithms based on machine learning and external company information from Implisense.

Typical Use Cases

Verify & Enrich

Match the master data of companies from your application to our data and get newer or enhanced data points to address or segment your existing companies. Embed an auto-enrichment when creating a new contact in your application or external form to profile your future customers.


Get recommendations for new potential customers, based on some sample companies, e.g. best customers, customers with a high LTV or low CACs. Smart machine learning algorithms recognize the specific target profile of that given group and score similar new companies in our entire index of companies. You can further filter these recommendations, for example, by region, industry, or company size without being a data scientist.


In your application you can benefit from the results of machine learning based on big data about companies. You can either embed recommendations for similar companies or process specific data points with your own algorithms and methods. Our proprietary analysis include more than 200 topics, several hundred Website Technology-Features, revenue and employment figures and much more.

Implisense API on API Marketplace

We have published parts of our API for an international audience on the API Marketplace Mashape. Our German Company Lookup and Activity Check API allows you to obtain specific data about German companies by providing indicators such as the official name, email address and URL. In addition, we return a tag indicating whether the company is still doing business or not. It is free of charge for a limited scope or available at an attractive price point for larger volumes. With simple onboarding and automatic billing – just give it a try!



You can view the documentation online. If you have an API token you can even use the API to obtain your results live. Alternatively, you can download the technical manual for the Implisense API (Version 1.75) as PDF.

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